Our formal introduction to the CTCMPAO

Allan Mak, Registrar & CEO
College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario
705-55 Commerce Valley Drive West
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7V9

Dear Mr. Mak:

RE: Traditional Chinese Medicine Ontario – TCMO

We would like to formally introduce ourselves to you and to the CTCMPAO. We are Traditional Chinese Medicine Ontario (www.tcmo.ca), an organization composed of seven board members who have been elected into leadership positions by our colleagues (R.Acs and R.TCMPs) in Ontario.

Our first public meeting was held in February 2016, and we proceeded to hold several more in the following months. The purpose of these meetings was to provide a venue in which R.Acs and R.TCMPs could express their ideas and opinions about the status of our profession. Our vision and mission (see attached) is a distillation of the ideas shared at these meetings, as well as the concerns which were expressed via an online survey which we disseminated in early 2016.

Despite the fact that we have yet to formally announce our existence and our plans, we currently have in excess of 130 College members who have actively opted in. Through our website and social media, our aim is to distribute information geared toward facilitating the requirements of College membership (ie. PLAR resources), QAP/CEU opportunities, as well as information pertinent to the general de-mystification and secure establishment of our profession in Ontario.

Although still in the fledgling stage of our organization, we are actively creating partnerships in the industry and we stand on a solid footing of support, interest and momentum. One of our goals is to maintain an open dialogue with CTCMPAO as well as with existing associations, while engaging the wider community in our vision to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as suitable and viable complements to our current health care model in Ontario.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and the other council and committee members on October 3rd. We will call to confirm our attendance numbers.


Stephanie Campbell GP-R.Ac (Co-Chair) Renee Pilgrim GEN-R.TCMP (Co-Chair)
Natasha Morley-Lissoos GEN-R.Ac (Secretary) Steven Shiran Li (Treasurer)
Seya Moosai-Maharaj GEN-R.Ac (Chair, Public Outreach Committee)
Renee Buchanan GP-R.TCMP (Chair, Communications & Procurement Committee)
Richard Kwan GEN-R.TCMP (Chair, External Liaison Committee)


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