Our Creation Story

From February-April 2016, we spent a great deal of time connecting with as many practitioners as possible to get a better understanding of the issues that are facing the diverse group people who are R.Acs/R.TCMPs.  We held several information gathering meetings and spoke with people on the phone, in person and through email.  We also created a survey to collect information in a more formal way.

We were most interested in finding out the answer to these questions:

·         作为一位已注册的中医從业者,您觉得什么事情现在是最困扰您呢? As a registered practitioner, what are the main issues you are currently experiencing?

·         你觉得什么样的帮助,可以使您的中医专业发展得更好? What could help you thrive in your professional life?

·         安省中医管理局从2013年4月成立后,您的工作受到什么样的影响呢?請陈述 .  Since the CTCMPAO has come into effect in April 2013, how has your work and practice been affected? Please explain.

·         我们打算成立一個同业群組,維护同业们的利益,這是否是您想支持的模式呢?您预期这样的群組能幫助到您什么呢?We intend to create some form of inclusive, community-based group that would serve to bolster our interests as practitioners. Is this something you would support?  What benefits do you foresee from having such a group?


We were delighted with everyone’s openness to share their thoughts on the issues and potential ways to solve them.  What came up again and again was the need for a more cohesive community and stronger support for practitioners.  And this is why TCMO came to exist!  To help build the bridges and connect R.Acs/R.TCMPs to resources to better support the community of practitioners.

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Have you been wondering over your morning coffee,

What’s the state of my profession in Ontario"?

Have you thought

Who will represent my interests to Insurance companies”?


How can we advocate to the Government” ?

Today, those answers are here!

TCMO (Traditional Chinese Medicine of Ontario) is pleased to announce that membership in the organization is now available, and affordable!

Now, you may be asking, “What is TCMO?”  We represent You! We are a responsive, membership-oriented association of professionals. Our interim board consists of four dedicated, interested individuals in the acupuncture and TCM fields who are volunteering their time and expertise to benefit the profession as a whole.

“But, isn’t that what the College does?” Simply put, No. The CTCMPAO represents the needs of the public, and TCMO represents the needs of the professional membership that serve the public.

TCMO is here to serve you. Benefits of membership include:

  • Recognizing and supporting the profession
  • Representing your interests to extended health care providers/insurance companies
  • Advocating on your behalf to the Government of Ontario
  • Educating the public about the benefits of Acupuncture and TCM
  • Connecting with the CTCMPAO to advocate for your interests
  • Access to CEU’s and distance learning course providers with member discounts
  • Access to a private forum of Ontario professionals in Acupuncture and TCM
  • Membership input into the direction of TCMO in a democratic, responsive and functional way

We are the voice of practitioners to other healthcare providers, to the Government, to the College and to the public.

TCMO is your voice.

Join now!