Our Creation Story

From February-April 2016, we spent a great deal of time connecting with as many practitioners as possible to get a better understanding of the issues that are facing the diverse group people who are R.Acs/R.TCMPs.  We held several information gathering meetings and spoke with people on the phone, in person and through email.  We also created a survey to collect information in a more formal way.

We were most interested in finding out the answer to these questions:

·         作为一位已注册的中医從业者,您觉得什么事情现在是最困扰您呢? As a registered practitioner, what are the main issues you are currently experiencing?

·         你觉得什么样的帮助,可以使您的中医专业发展得更好? What could help you thrive in your professional life?

·         安省中医管理局从2013年4月成立后,您的工作受到什么样的影响呢?請陈述 .  Since the CTCMPAO has come into effect in April 2013, how has your work and practice been affected? Please explain.

·         我们打算成立一個同业群組,維护同业们的利益,這是否是您想支持的模式呢?您预期这样的群組能幫助到您什么呢?We intend to create some form of inclusive, community-based group that would serve to bolster our interests as practitioners. Is this something you would support?  What benefits do you foresee from having such a group?


We were delighted with everyone’s openness to share their thoughts on the issues and potential ways to solve them.  What came up again and again was the need for a more cohesive community and stronger support for practitioners.  And this is why TCMO came to exist!  To help build the bridges and connect R.Acs/R.TCMPs to resources to better support the community of practitioners.

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